Father's Day Celebration

2014 Father’s Day Surprise campaign

RMHC Canada and our wonderful partners at WestJet, Cossette and RMHC Northern Alberta are thrilled and humbled to have been honoured with a number of industry awards in the past few weeks for our 2014 Father’s Day Surprise campaign.
Bringing the Grimard family’s story to life was a true labour of love for each of us. The Grimard family, and most importantly Joel and his brother Mathieu, captured our hearts and brought new meaning to Father’s Day and the gift of family. And of course, making it all possible was our magical WestJetter Medel Villena whose selfless gift of his time made our surprise possible!

GOLD Halo Award - Best Video Campaign
GOLD Marketing Award - Public Service Branded Content
GOLD CPRS National Awards of Excellence – Best Multimedia Project
BRONZE AToMiC Collaboration Award

Watch the amazing Father's Day video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irxTbB_4y0g
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