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25 Fun Facts about RMHC South Central Ontario to Celebrate 25 Years of Serving Families

To help celebrate 25 years of serving families, here are 25 fun facts about RMHC South Central Ontario!
RMHC South Central Ontario (RMHCSCO) celebrated their 25th anniversary in a big way, with the Sparkle & Soul Gala held at the beautiful LIUNA Station on May 16th. It was a glamorous evening of gourmet food, a live concert performed by Juno-Award-winning vocalist Sean Jones and an auction — all in support of keeping families close. To mark this milestone birthday, here are 25 fun facts about RMHCSCO. Enjoy!

1. RMHCSCO’s actual anniversary is on April 16th.
2. The original house was built in 1993. The same year the Blue Jays won the World Series!
3. The original house had 15 bedrooms to serve families.
4. Today, 41 families stay at RMHCSCO every night.
5. RMHCSCO expanded from the original 15 bedroom home to a 41 bedroom home in 2012.
6. In 2017, 759 families stayed at RMHCSCO for a total of 13,142 nights.
7. RMHCSCO is located right next to McMaster Children’s Hospital, where the RMHCSCO Ronald McDonald Family Room is located.
8. About 200 families visit the RMHCSCO Family Room every day.
9. Last year, RMHCSCO served 1,551 families at the Family Room totalling 52,025 visits!
10. The kitchen volunteers contribute over 4,700 volunteer hours each year!
11. RMHCSCO has five committed delivery volunteers who zig-zag around Southern Ontario to pick up donations, purchase needed items for the House, drop off packages and to deliver needed supplies to the Family Room.
12. RMHCSCO has 82 reception volunteers who collectively contribute 126 hours each week.
13. There are currently 350 active volunteers.
14. RMHCSCO was the first House to have a culinary kitchen and a full time chef.
15. They serve breakfast and dinner 365 days a year regardless if it is sponsored by a program like Home for Dinner or not.
16. RMHCSCO has a teddy bear named, Bobby that moves every night and the families and kids look for him every morning. Nobody knows how the bear moves….
17. RMHCSCO has an underwater-themed playroom.
18. There is a waterfall at front reception because Hamilton is the’ ‘waterfall’ capital of the World!
19. The RMHC commercials and the McDonald’s holiday commercial were all filmed at RMHCSCO.
20. There is a courage cape closet where kids can go in and pick a hand-made courage cape to keep.
21. There is a ‘Love Out Loud’ video booth where families and donors can share a video message with the House.
22. There is a two bedroom apartment for long-term stay families.
23. RMHCSCO has an outdoor kitchen.
24. There is a volunteer at RMHCSCO who has been donating his time for 24 years!
25. RMHCSCO has a quilt lady who hand makes quilts for every family to take home.
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