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Andy Dunn Memorial Race Day

To celebrate their hot-rod loving son, Chris and Rosanne Dunn, along with Newfoundland's racing community, gather every year for an old-school-style drag race in Andy’s honour.
Fundraiser Name
Andy Dunn's Memorial Race Day
Raised for
RMHC Newfoundland & Labrador
Amount Raised
Nights accommodation
for families in need
"We forgot we had a home while we were here,” Rose says on a visit back to the House in Toronto.
Andy Dunn was the heartbeat of the hot rod community, both in Newfoundland and worldwide through the Internet. Diagnosed at a very young age with chordoma, a rare and fatal cancer, Andy and his friends set out to fulfil his dream of owning his very own hot rod. The online “rodder” community reached out and got Andy the body: a 1930 Model A Ford donated by an ER doctor in Saskatchewan. When a 19-year-old in California heard the story, he donated a drop axle. Soon, donations of tires, wheels, seats, a dash and more parts were rolling in. With the help of his friends and father, Andy built and finished his hot rod in time to drive it at the age of 13. He passed away on March 17, 2009, aged 14.
Racing To The Finish Line
“Soon, donations of tires, wheels, seats, a dash, and more parts were rolling in.”
Andy’s parents, Chris and Rosanne Dunn, and the local racing community wanted to do something in his honour. They launched Andy Dunn Memorial Race Day in 2010, raising funds for RMHC Newfoundland and Labrador. During Andy’s treatments in Toronto, the Dunns spent seven months living at RMHC Toronto. Having a place to rest and be together so far from their hometown in Newfoundland made a world of difference, and they knew how important it was to give other families that opportunity too.
Washing Cars
"The heart of hot rodding beat on at Bell Island that day…"
At the first Andy Dunn Memorial Race Day in 2010, droves of hot rods and classics came out, including Andy’s dream car, the 1930 Model A. The heart of hot rodding beat strong at Bell Island that day, with each car making pass after pass, followed by a burn out in Andy’s honour by his father. Andy would have been proud.
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