See how many families we've helped in your community

The RMHC Community Impact Report is a resource guide that shares details of where families that receive compassionate support from RMHC each year come from – over 3,400 communities across Canada!

Take a look inside the report to see how many families have been helped in your community!

The Fry Family, 49 nights at RMHC British Columbia & Yukon

RMHC British Columbia & Yukon

The Aiyegubusi Family, 142 nights at RMHC Alberta

RMHC Alberta

The Collins Family, 59 nights at RMHC Atlantic

RMHC Atlantic

The Skinner Family, 159 nights at RMHC Newfoundland & Labrador

RMHC Newfoundland & Labrador

The Forsyth Family, 222 nights at RMHC Ottawa

RMHC Ottawa

The Bjurstom Family, 41 nights at RMHC Toronto

RMHC Toronto

The Schlegel Family, 125 nights at RMHC South Central Ontario

RMHC South Central Ontario

The Paquette Family, 90 nights at RMHC Southwestern Ontario

RMHC Southwestern Ontario

The Kehler Family, 11 nights at RMHC Manitoba

RMHC Manitoba

The Hilt Family, 42 nights at RMHC Saskatchewan

RMHC Saskatchewan

The Bedard Family, 91 nights at RMHC Montreal

RMHC Montreal

The Gauthier Family, 91 nights at RMHC Quebec

RMHC Quebec