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Ronald McDonald Family Rooms

  • Manitoba Family Room
    There are 17 Ronald McDonald Family Rooms in hospitals across Canada
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    Over 10,000 families visit them every year
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    By 2021, there will be 37 Family Rooms across Canada
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The importance of Family Rooms

Ronald McDonald Family Rooms give families a medical-free space in the hospital where they can take a break from the beeps and pressures, but still be just seconds away from their child’s bedside. Whether it’s to have a moment to themselves, make a cup of tea, get on the computer, or do laundry, our Family Rooms offer local and out-of-town families a calm and supportive place to rest.

Family Rooms are especially important because research shows that a family presence in the hospital helps children heal and cope better. Staying close by makes it easier for parents to stay up to date on their child’s condition, communicate better with their medical team, and adhere to complicated treatment plans.

There are currently 17 Family Rooms operating in hospitals across Canada.

Some of the services families may find:
• Kitchen area with stove or microwave
• Shower
• Sleeping rooms
• Laundry
• Internet access
• Reference books
• Seating area with a television
• Quiet room

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