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Working together to make a difference for families

Since 2006, Cargill has donated more than $4.7 million to RMHC, making them one of RMHC Canada’s longest standing National Mission Partners. Cargill is truly part of the RMHC Family and we are grateful for their ongoing support.

At every turn, a Cargill employee is making a different at RMHC Canada, making Cargill part of the very heart of our organization. And of course, none of this would be possible without the unwavering commitment and support of Cargill’s dedicated leadership and stakeholders, who champion RMHC each day. 

Employee Engagement - Cargill’s generous support of RMHC continues to touch every facet of our organization, with your employee volunteerism at the center of everything. From serving on RMHC Regional Chapter Boards and committees, to providing home cooked meals for RMHC families, to the volunteers that lead and execute special fundraising events including Cargill’s FORE! the Houses, and Score for the Houses! 

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Supporting Meal Programs for Families - Cargill is present and engaged, with a special focus on RMHC meal programs across Canada. Cargill has been a steadfast and committed partner, as meal programs for families have grown, from Home for Dinners to some Houses even building out culinary programs complete with on staff chefs and partnerships with local culinary schools. Dinner, breakfast, lunch and even snack programs all are strengthened through Cargill on a weekly basis. Together, we are helping families with the nutrition and food they need during this difficult time.

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