Visit your local McDonald's on May 3 to help RMHC families.

Make Fun Matter

Whatever it is you like to do for fun, now you can do it to help families by raising funds for Ronald McDonald Houses.

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Three steps to fundraise

Help families stay at a Ronald McDonald House while their child is being treated at a nearby hospital. Just follow these steps:

Step 1


Are you an avid booty shaker, photo taker or Olympic-level cupcake baker? Pick whatever it is you like to do for fun!

Step 2


Turn your fun into a fundraiser in a few easy clicks.

Step 3


Have a ball! Do some good! And share your fundraiser with your friends and family to inspire them to join the movement!

See why fun matters

Did you know that 70% of Canadian families live outside a city with a children’s hospital? So when a child gets sick, they often have to travel hours to get treatment. Our 15 Ronald McDonald Houses across Canada give families a place to stay close to the hospital where their child is being treated. 16 Ronald McDonald Family Rooms located in hospitals across the country give families a place to rest and relax just steps from their child's bedside.

Meet families that have stayed with us

RMHC Southwestern Ontario

Katie's Story

Meet Katie - a 3 year old princess who wants to wear a dress every day of her life. And she's determined to keep up despite her difficult circumstances.

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RMHC South Central Ontario

The Brucks family

Being near the hospital made a world of difference for the Brucks...

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RMHC South Central Ontario

The Swarts family

Staying close together proved to be a miracle for the Swarts...

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Our Donor Stories

Journey of Dreams
Haylen's Ice Cream Shop
Andy Dunn Memorial Race Day

How your money helps

  • $25

    Home-cooked meals

    $25 can feed a family breakfast before they head to the hospital. Not having to worry about their next meal makes a huge difference.
  • $177

    A place to sleep

    It costs an average of $177 to operate a bedroom at a Ronald McDonald House each night. Thanks to donations, families pay just $11.50 on average per night.
  • $250


    $250 can fully stock a Ronald McDonald House or Ronald McDonald Family Room with toys and games for the kids. The grownups can play too.
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