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Good for Small - The Power of Small Businesses in their Communities

Moneris celebrates Canadian businesses all year round, but October is extra-special – it’s Small Business Month! As a proud partner of small businesses across Canada, Moneris has partnered with RMHC Canada to showcase just how big a small business can be in their community.

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Throughout the month of October, Moneris – alongside their small business customers– will donate $200,000 to RMHC Canada.

The generous spirit of Moneris and Canadian small businesses will enable 1,190 nights of stay for families with sick children, ensuring that they can remain together and close to the care they need.

Hear from Jonathan Claveria from Peace Collective in Toronto, a Moneris small business customer, and learn about his personal connection to RMHC and the importance of supporting community for the Peace Collective brand.

A warm thank you to the following businesses for their participation in Moneris’ “Good for Small” campaign and support of RMHC with their donation, as well as their time:

Peace Collective - $25,000 directed to RMHC Toronto
Jess' Restaurant and Bar - $25,000 directed to RMHC BC & Yukon
Pepiniere Eco-Verdure - $25,000 directed to RMHC Montreal
PBR Auctions - $12,500 directed to RMHC Saskatchewan
Performance Choice - $12,500 directed to RMHC Manitoba
Frangipani Boutique - $12,500 directed to RMHC Ottawa
Borderon et Fils - $12,500 directed to RMHC Quebec City
Antoinette’s Cheesecakes - $12,500 directed to RMHC Altantic
Ocean Quest Adventures - $12,500 directed to RMHC Newfoundland & Labrador  
A Ladybug Bakery & Café - $6,250 directed to RMHC Alberta (Calgary House)
Steel House Doggy Daycare - $6,250 directed to RMHC Alberta (Edmonton House)
Future Ag Inc. - $6,250 directed to RMHC Alberta (Red Deer House)
The Bomb Bar - $6,250  directed to RMHC Alberta (Medicine Hat House)
Bitten-Cupcakes, Butter Tarts & Whoopie Pies - $12,500 directed to RMHC South Central Ontario
Tommy’s BBQ - $6,250 directed to RMHC Southwestern Ontario (Windsor House)
Pfaff Jewellers - $6,250 directed to RMHC Southwestern Ontario (London House)

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Small businesses are the heart and soul of thriving communities. Moneris knows that when small businesses can give back to their communities, they strengthen the bonds that hold neighbourhoods together. Thank you to Moneris for enabling the connection between local businesses and RMHC Chapters across Canada, fostering connection and the beginning of what will surely be longstanding relationships.

Learn more about how Moneris supports small businesses in Canada.