May 6, 2021

Keeping Families Close – celebrating Ronald McDonald House moms across Canada

Mom and baby

To many, moms are our superheroes, our best friends, our cheerleaders, and the glue that holds our families together. But when caring for a sick child, juggling all the demands of motherhood become even more challenging.

This Mother’s Day, we celebrate all the Ronald McDonald House moms – past, present, and future. They truly are an inspiration!

“When your child gets sick and there’s nothing you can do about it, it’s devastating. But RMHC Toronto allowed us to remain a family and focus on helping Manning get better. We wouldn’t be where we are today without this place,” says Jen Anderson.

The Andersons stayed at RMHC Toronto for 88 nights while their son, Manning, awaited a heart transplant.

Having a seriously ill child is a part of motherhood Ronald McDonald House moms never anticipated. And that’s why when the unimaginable happens, RMHC is there to care of the little things so that moms can do what they do best – snuggle, tell jokes, read stories, and just be there. Afterall, studies show when sick children are close to their families, they get stronger.

“Family is medicine, and RMHCSCO provided us with just that -- the comfort of remaining together as a family, where we could solely focus on our son. At RMHCSCO, families can find the comforts of home; a comfortable place to rest our heads, home-cooked meals every day, laundry facilities, and private rooms, all next door to the hospital. We were absolutely blown away by everything RMHCSCO did for our family during such a difficult time,” says Vanessa Pretty.

The Prettys stayed at RMHC South Central Ontario while their newborn, Sawyer, underwent hernia repair surgery at just two days old.

moms and baby
The Pretty Family

65% of Canadians live outside of a city centre with a children’s hospital. For moms who must travel to get treatment for a sick child, it could mean being separated from the rest of the family at a time they need each other most.

The Guignard family had to travel 465 kms from home to receive treatment for their son, Dylan, at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax, after he was diagnosed with a rare bone marrow disease. RMHC allowed Julie Guignard to stay close her whole family during a time of fear and uncertainty.

“Family support is everything to us. To have all of us there, we could tell that Dylan was less nervous going in for procedures and appointments,” says Julie. "It makes us stronger to be together.”

Ronald McDonald House moms, past and present – we are honoured RMHC was there for you, when you needed us most. From all of us at RMHC Canada, we wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!

Support today to help keep RMHC moms close to their sick child. 

mom and kids
The Guignard Family

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The Garniss Family

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The Chikuse Family

During her treatment, Tanya and her family stayed over 220 nights at the Ronald McDonald House in Southern Alberta. But when she found out she would be strong enough to go home, she felt bittersweet about leaving the House.

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