June 9, 2023

Rexall Care Network Partners with RMHC Canada to Support Caregivers Across Canada

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RMHC Canada and the Rexall Care Network have a shared commitment to supporting Canada’s most vulnerable families and caregivers with seriously ill children,

You can join in the impact! Until June 17, 2023, you can help this important cause by rounding up your purchase to the nearest dollar or buying a bubble at your local Rexall.

No one ever expects to need a Ronald McDonald House. During an unanticipated time of stress and worry, caregivers face distinct and significant challenges as they focus on supporting their sick child.

That's why we are deeply grateful to our partners at Rexall Care Network for providing vital support to the caregivers staying with RMHC across Canada.

Caregivers like the Morris family who stayed at RMHC South Central Ontario for 208 nights when their son Jack was born prematurely.

“I don't think I fully understood, the moment we walked into our room at RMHC, what this place would mean to us. Please know that your support matters. You’re not only helping a sick child, but you’re helping their family cope through the day-to-day. When you support RMHC, you are supporting families like ours, who are forever grateful.” – Danielle Morris 

On behalf of RMHC across Canada we thank the Rexall Care Network for joining us in completing the circle of care for RMHC families and caregivers with a seriously ill child.