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Together we are raising $50,000 for RMHC Atlantic.

Ends: January 15, 2021

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I wish you could have seen it… I wish you could have seen the way Jaxon’s eyes lit up after a long, tiring day of treatment when he remembered it was spaghetti night here at Ronald McDonald House. Or the sense of relief that washed over his mom, Courtney, when we handed her a hygiene kit, because amidst all the anxiety and uproar that comes with caring for a sick child, she forgot to pack a toothbrush. More than anything, I wish you could see the way the families who stay here make Ronald McDonald House their home away from home. As Courtney shares, “The moment we got there, we felt like family. My kids made so many friends there... The staff and volunteers played hide-and-seek with my son and cooked with my daughter. Knowing we were going to Ronald McDonald House, Jaxon was never scared to go to Halifax." Below, you’ll find the “2020 Ronald McDonald House Coupon Sheet.” Each coupon allows you to choose a special way to help Ronald McDonald House families with a one-time year-end donation to support our work. Simply choose the coupon that's right for you and use the "donate to this campaign" button to your right. Can I count on you to help make Ronald McDonald House a much-needed home away from home for more families? There are so many ways for you to make a difference in the lives of Ronald McDonald House families. ♥ $25 provides a hygiene kit to a family; ♥ $50 provides a warm, home-cooked meal to a family; ♥ $100 restocks the House pantry with cereal and snacks; ♥ $140 covers the cost of a one-night stay for a family; ♥ $375 funds one of our “Home for Dinner” nights, feeding up to 8 families; ♥ $560 covers the cost of an average stay (4 nights) for a family; and ♥ $1000 will heat the House for a whole month!

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