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Together we are raising $3,000 for RMHC Canada.

Ends: May 6, 2019

Behind every smile there is a frown. Behind every frown there is a story. Within that story there was a moment of sadness, but with support from one simple person. We can change their fake smile into a true smile. Helping one another is what keeps others happy and reminds them to still have hope. Life has it's ups and downs. We cannot change the bad things that have happened to someone, but we can change the sadness they have within because of their past. Lend a helping hand because no one should have to face the world alone. With the people in the world coming to join as one. We can make a change. All you need to do is have faith, and give support to one another. Everyone in this world is family. Team Meadows Market is here to be a part of 26th McHappy Day in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We are very excited to raise our target goal of $3000, we are asking everyone to donate as much as you can to help us support our local Ronald McDonald House Charity here in Saskatoon. In this way we can help sick children to have a home away from home to stay together with their families. Thank you Team Meadows Market

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