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$167 $1,000
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Together we are raising $1,000 for RMHC Canada.

Ends: May 8, 2019

65% of Canadian families live outside a city with a children’s hospital, so if their child gets sick they’d have to travel long distances to get the care they need. Ronald McDonald Houses and Ronald McDonald Family Rooms give families a place to stay together when they have to travel for their sick child’s treatment. Last year, RMHC supported over 25,000 families, but 2,282 were turned away due to lack of space. I’m fundraising to keep more families close when they need it most. Your support -- large or small -- is greatly appreciated!

Donation History

May 8, 2019
Gord M donated $27

April 15, 2019
Valerie C donated $25

April 10, 2019
Leonard D donated $27

April 6, 2019
Mark Wigston donated $51

April 6, 2019
Jon L donated $27

April 6, 2019
Isabella C donated $10

Together we have raised $167 of our combined $1,000 goal

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