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$8,494 $5,000
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Together we are raising $5,000 for RMHC Canada.

Ends: June 30, 2022

Fix Network is a proud supporter of Ronald McDonald House Charities, and we are excited to be back together in person at our annual golf tournament to raise funds for RMHC across Canada! As part of the tournament, we are donating a portion of each registration fee and are also hosting an exhilarating golf ball cannon where our golfers can 'pay to play'. We welcome donations from anyone who is not able to join us for our invitation only event. Thank you for your support in helping us to reach our goal of $5,000 for RMHC Canada! We thank the following people for donating through their participation in our event: Azad Daya, Manny Pacheco, Gabe Chiappetta, Scott Spike, Lee Tsatsos, Sinh Quan, Jeff Moore, Chad Baltzer, Jamie Commerford, Phil Zystra, Luke Sear, Mike Mancini, Richard Dalimonte, Steve Liborio, Sergio Alberico, John Turner, JP Kleniewski, Bruce Carrick, Kevin Knight, Jeff Leeper, Bill Weckworth, Bruce Dumouchelle, Brad Swanson, Armen Jakjakian, Andrew Bauer, Nikki McIvor, Tony Vieira, Walter Lovell, Andrew Tabone, Ryan Beattie, Norm Angrove, Enrique Villalba, Pino Chiappetta, Shanif Daya, Doug Roberts, Jonathan Ainley, Keith Tuttosi, Michel Caron, Dave Banwell, Frank Corno, Patrick Hope, Marc Reynolds Jason Yurchak, George O'Sullivan, Ken Jimmo, Tim Schlink, Kel Mcclymont, Matthew Cimicata, Syed Usman, Johnny D'Ambrosio, Michael Limoncelli, 93.7 Rooster Radio, Giancarlo Marcella, Steve Sinkarcuk, Mike Ferreira, Sevag Haneshian, Chase Leszkowicz, Jon Tanner, Darren Blythe, Todd Roberts, Kerry Scott Mike Minardi, Geoff Parker, Kent Burwash, Milo Chebly, Sam Aboumrad, Kevin Peplow, Colin McCulloch, Nick D'Ambrosio, Dean Lamanna, Joe Phillips, Catie Beckley, Tasha Chong, Chris Tuma, Warren Bennet, Lianne Le Rue, Mark Lockwood, Terry Groves, Adam Forster, Mike LeRue, Peter Prystasz, Jose Jensen, Asha Maharaj, Robert Rukavina, Jalpesh Brahmbhatt, Scott Wright, Peter Mepham, Scott Morrison, Brian Probec, John Peron, John Ogiltree, Dale Chalklin, Josh Brethour, Jeff Brethour, Chris Stirling, Taurine Daley, Jamie Pietraszko, Justin Bakhsh, Khaled Abu Dagga, Michel Barrette, Luis Enriquez, Shawn Morris, David Andre, Dillon Hazlett, Chico Ouellette, David Fisher, Rocky Berndt, Rick Newell, Tyson Anaka, Randy Nicholson, Jamie Irving, Mike Firman, Heath Lalonde, Mike Gommerman, Isabelle Courteau, Jean-Luc Rousseau, Mike Minotti, Brian Rodrigues, John Searle, Santo Segreti, Kim Roberts, Paul Nestorowich, Lindsey Bleach Reyaz Soogrim, James Kypreos, DJ Avery, Zafar Soogrim

Donation History

June 24, 2022
Fix Network Canada donated $3,944

Thank you to all of our participants that purchased tickets to the Golf Ball Air Cannon and our Toronto FC ticket raffle!!

June 17, 2022
CRE Richmond hill/Inderjit Singh donated $500

June 14, 2022
Fix Network Canada donated $2,475

June 14, 2022
Fix Auto Hamilton Mountain donated $50

June 10, 2022
Jenn S donated $25

June 9, 2022
Fix Network Canada donated $1,500

Together we have raised $8,494 of our combined $5,000 goal

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