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$145 $1,000
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Together we are raising $1,000 for RMHC Toronto.

Ends: January 31, 2021

My leadership class this year at Garth Webb Secondary School had to come up with a activity for the entire school to participate in, so we did a spirt day. we didn't think that was enough and wanted to give back to the community so we decided that creating a fundraiser for for RMHC would be a great idea. we are creating a full presentation about RMCH and what it is all about. were hoping to rase 1000 dollars to help out with the RMHC Toronto.

Donation History

January 25, 2021
Michelle B donated $25

January 24, 2021
Kimberly S donated $25

January 21, 2021
Gina T donated $25

January 21, 2021
Jada Z donated $20

January 20, 2021
jo h donated $50

Thank you for organizing this fundraiser! What a great cause!

Together we have raised $145 of our combined $1,000 goal

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