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Together we are raising $30,000 for RMHC Atlantic.

Ends: November 18, 2020

I wish you could see it… I wish you could see the way a sick child’s eyes light up after a long, tiring day of treatment when they remember it’s spaghetti night here at the Ronald McDonald House. Or the sense of relief that washes over a parent when we hand them a hygiene kit, because amidst all the anxiety and uproar that comes with caring for a sick child, they forgot to pack a toothbrush. More than anything, I wish you could see the way the families who stay here make the Ronald McDonald House their home away from home. This is a place where kids can be kids, where siblings can play together, and where moms and dads don’t have to worry. Going to and from the hospital... waiting on test results... nervously fielding phone calls from nurses and doctors... All of it can be so overwhelming for families – especially when they’re so far from their family and local support systems. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to ease the emotional and financial burden families face by providing them with the warmth, love, and compassion every good home embodies.

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