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Together we are raising $500 for RMHC Toronto Family Room, Toronto.

Ends: July 31, 2023

As we step into Jayson’s birthday month, we finally got his cardiac catheterization done and was in the step down room overnight. This was our first experience being in a shared room and no “bench/ bed”. Luckily, there is RMHC family room at sickkids. The room has a lounge area for family to use and 7 recliners for nap and sleep (plus a private room that had to be reserved). I was able to get some rest after multiple visits this week. This was a great area for caregivers to rest and you can tell how much rest is needed when you hear a snoring symphony at 4am. Thank you RMHC for providing a space like this for family like myself. I’m happy to say we only needed to stay for 1 night. Please kindly support RMHC so that family can have a space to rest their minds and bodies.

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July 1, 2023
Lisa C donated $50

July 1, 2023
Karen H donated $25

Together we have raised $75 of our combined $500 goal

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