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Hershey & RMHC: A Sweet partnership for families

Hershey Canada is proudly built on the belief of its founder, Milton Hershey, that “to do well is to do good.”

Building on this core principle, Hershey joined RMHC Canada as a National Mission Partner in 2020 to help spread goodness to the families staying at RMHC, who are often away from their loved ones during holidays, milestones, and celebrations.

Wanting to add some sweetness during a difficult journey, Hershey created its “Buy One, Hide One” spring campaign, and invited Canadians to join in. For each package of Hershey EGGIES purchased across Canada between March 1 to April 12, 2020, Hershey donated a 42g package of EGGIES to RMHC, up to 10,000 packages, so that families staying with RMHC could enjoy Easter while away from home – that’s a lot of chocolate goodness! Thank you, Hershey, for your sweet partnership! 

Rmhctoronto Hershey Eggies Hunt 2 Rmhctoronto Hershey Eggies Hunt 2
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