August 21, 2020

Owner Operator Frank Magno & Family Give Back to RMHC

Frank Magno Wedding Donation

RMHC Canada is a charity close to owner operator Frank Magno’s heart. 

RMHC Canada is a charity close to owner operator Frank Magno’s heart. His oldest daughter, Samantha, needed a heart valve transplant in 2002 and he understands the difficulties families face when a child is seriously ill.

When Magno first became a McDonald’s franchise owner, he said the family wanted to roll up their sleeves right away and do what they could to support the charity.

Frank Magno at RMHC House

“We said, ‘Let’s go. Let’s do whatever we can to help the house and other families going through the same thing we did.’”

Since then, Magno’s restaurants combine to donate about $30,000 each year to RMHC through Happy Meal and McHappy Day proceeds, coin-box donations and sponsorships with partners such as the Brampton Admirals hockey club.

Recently, Magno’s son Carmen got married and he and his wife, Vanessa, made a $5,000 donation to RMHC in lieu of party favours at their wedding. The donation equates to nearly a month-long stay at a Ronald McDonald House for a family.

Magno said walking through a Ronald McDonald House and seeing sick children with their families is a humbling, often heartbreaking experience.

“If people can actually walk in their shoes for just five minutes, they’ll really appreciate what life has to offer and how blessed they are,” he said.

Families with sick children need you now more than ever.

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