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The Smith family, RHMC Toronto

Our Impact

Today, RMHC is part of the fabric of Canada’s paediatric health care system. Across Canada, RMHC’s 34 programs provide families with a sick child with a home to stay at where they can sleep, share meals, do laundry, and connect with other families, making their journey a little easier.

$57 million saved

The RBC Economic Impact Study found that in 2023, RMHC programs saved families a total of $57 million in out-of-pocket expenses like lodging, food, and other essentials.

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 “Without RMHC, my family and I would have experienced significant financial hardship. Hotel costs alone would have put us out over $18,000 in out-of-pocket expenses. That doesn’t even include costs for meals, gas, etc. RMHC truly takes care of so much to help keep the family surviving financially.” – Ivan and Shianne Trudel, RMHC Saskatchewan

over 26,000

The number of families supported last year by RMHC’s 34 nationwide programs.

more than 425,000

The number of families supported since the first Ronald McDonald House opened in Canada in 1981.

over 3,400

The number of communities across Canada RMHC families have come from last year.

La famille Garniss

"I had no idea you could feel this warmth when you’re going through such struggle. It’s a family here—it is truly a home-away-from-home.” - The Garniss Family, RMHC Southwestern Ontario

over 3,000

The number of families turned away in an average year due to lack of space in our programs - that’s almost 10 families a day.

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“When your child gets sick and there’s nothing you can do about it, it’s devastating. But RMHC Toronto allowed us to remain a family and focus on helping Manning get better. We wouldn’t be where we are today without this place.” - The Anderson Family, RMHC Toronto

Ever wonder how many families RMHC across Canada has helped from your community?

The RMHC Community Impact Report is a resource guide that shares details of where families that receive compassionate support from RMHC each year come from – over 3,400 communities across Canada!

Take a look at our interactive report to see how many families have been helped from your community!

Ever wonder how many families RMHC across Canada has helped from your community?

Help keep families together while their sick child is treated at a nearby hospital.

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The Garniss Family
The Garniss Family, RMHC Southwestern Ontario