Image of a woman putting food in a fridge Image of a woman putting food in a fridge

RMHC Family Cookbook

Cooking with Impact

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More than a place to stay, food programming is an essential part of how RMHC supports families with sick children. With a well-cared-for family by their side – sick children get stronger.

At RMHC across Canada, meal programming has never been more needed – or more costly than it is today. 

By downloading the RMHC Family Cookbook – you are helping to provide a day of fresh and nutritious meals to a family staying with RMHC. For every download, RBC Insurance will make a donation to RMHC across Canada to feed a family for a day (up to $250,000). 

Download the Cookbook

Thanks to the support of our National Mission Partner, RBC Insurance, RMHC across Canada can provide wellness programs, including meal support, to families with sick children.

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