Je recueille 3 500 $ pour Manoir de London (OMRM du sud-ouest de l'Ontario).

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700 $ Objectif 3 500 $

Fin : 5 septembre 2020

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My sister and niece were admitted twice to LHSC and had two surgeries since COVID hit. The volunteers always made sure my sister had snacks, caffeine and a familiar face to say hi to. What we think is normal, is out the window these days and to help these volunteers keep up the morals of parents and families during this time is much needed. All proceeds from our custom kid distressed denim jackets for the month of August will be donated.

Détails de l'événement:

August 01, 2020 | 12:00 am

696 Wonderland Rd S
London ON n6k 1l8

All proceeds from our jackets purchased are being donated.

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