Je recueille 500 $ pour Manoir de Saskatoon (OMRM de la Saskatchewan).

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400 $ Objectif 500 $

We are celebrating our tough little cookie’s journey to 2 with a Birthday fundraiser in support of the RMH in Saskatoon! This organization and generous volunteers who are the heartbeat of the house is truly a blessing to us! We spent just under two weeks at the house while Violet underwent surgery for Metopic Craniosynostosis just before her 1st Birthday. Please consider making a small donation to give back to our community and celebrate Violet! Much love, The Storey’s

Historique des dons

Bonnie S donné 50 $

Wayne & Val S donné 100 $

Diane F donné 50 $

Happy Birthday Violet.

Susan L donné 50 $

Happy 2nd Birthday, Violet! Auntie and Uncle love you

Alvin S donné 150 $

Happy Birthday Violet!