Je collecte des fonds pour OMRM de la Saskatchewan.

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Fin : 31 mai 2021

When I was in Africa in 2019, I was a volunteer medical laboratory technologist with an organization who provided free surgeries. I saw so many of our patients whose conditions were very treatable, especially at earlier stages, if they had access to adequate healthcare. That prompted me to think a lot about our medical innovations and healthcare. How unfortunate it would be, if we have medications to fight diseases, but they cannot reach those who need them the most! How sad it would be, if we have effective treatment available, but those who need it cannot afford it! After I came back to Canada, I started to look more into the needs in our community. I could not stop thinking about those little kids who stole my heart, and how happy they were after they recovered from their life saving surgeries. We are lucky that we have our universal health care system here in Canada, but families still face huge stress and financial strain when their children are sick. It is even more difficult during these challenging and unprecedented times during the pandemic. Therefore, I want to make a donation and fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House Charities in Saskatchewan during my birthday month, May. Although what I can do is very limited, I want to help the families, so that they can have a warm home away from home when their children need medical care. I want to help these children so that they can be with their families, and become healthy and bright again. I started this fundraiser mainly because I would like to donate during my birthday month. Please join me if you are also interested!đź’śđź’śđź’ś

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