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Little girls with big hearts Giving back to RMHBC

Je recueille 3 000 $ pour les familles du Manoir Ronald McDonald Vancouver.


Aliya (8) and Tiana's (6) recent 3 week stay at the Ronald MacDonald House Vancouver BC has inspired them to give back. While visiting the BC Children's Hospital they noticed all the other families with sick kids, many of them staying at the house with us. These kids became their friends and they made many lifelong connections. The House and staff offer so much support and activities to these families during their toughest times. It gives these children an opportunity to enjoy being a kid and takes their minds off of medical issues. The House allows these families to stay together close to the hospital and their sick kids. The girls noticed many of these families were going through tougher struggles than ours and they wanted to give back. Their hearts are so big and seeing their compassion for others filled mine. The girls have been brainstorming ideas and have decided to do multiple fundraisers over the next 3 months to raise money for the house and the families that need it most. They love the RMH and everything they do for our family and so many others. We will be going back to BC Children's Hospital and the RMHBC in March and at that time they hope to present the house with their funds raised. Please stay tuned for their upcoming fundraisers or feel free to donate here anytime to a great cause that is close to these girls hearts. Let's help these girls make a difference in the lives of so many. Let's give.

Votre don fait toute la différence

  • 10 $ permet à un Manoir d’acheter un nouveau livre pour sa bibliothèque ou d’offrir un carte-cadeau à une famille.

  • 25 $ permet d'offrir un petit-déjeuner chaud à une famille avant qu'elle se rende à l'hôpital pour la journée.

  • 177 $ c'est le coût d'exploitation d'une chambre pour une nuit dans un Manoir Ronald McDonald.

Les Manoirs Ronald McDonald aident les enfants malades à demeurer près de leur famille et à obtenir les soins nécessaires à leur guérison.

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