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6 020 $ 5 000 $
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Ensemble, nous amassons 5 000 $ pour Manoir d’Halifax (OMRM des provinces de l'Atlantique).

12th Annual OLIVER HUDSON GRAHAM MEMORIAL: "CANCER SUCKS CUP” This Fundraiser was inspired by and created in honour and memory of our son, Oliver, who passed away at the age of 3 from Neuroblastoma after a 21-month battle. His short life of 3 years touched so many people in so many ways, and we want always to celebrate that!!! The Goals of our Fundraiser are as follows: 1) To remember, celebrate & honour Oliver, and all others who have lost their lives due to this terrible disease. We also want to provide support to those who are currently battling cancer and are fighting for their life! 2) To pay forward the kindness and support that was shown to our family during and following Oliver’s illness. 3) To raise funds via donation, and through sales of Official Members of Oliver's Express T-shirts. Funds raised will be used to purchase gas/grocery gift cards that will be given to families of sick children on the 6-Link Floor of the IWK and a monetary donation will be made to Ronald McDonald House Atlantic. 4) To accept donations of NEW, non-stuffed, wipeable toys that will be brought to the IWK and distributed to the young patients there throughout the coming year. Toys should be suitable for any age ranging from birth to 18 years and need able to be easily cleaned, as the children receiving these toys have severely compromised immune systems. Please know that by making a donation of any kind or amount, you will be directly impacting the lives of these children and their families who are quite literally living a nightmare! Thank you so much for your support!!!!! Sincerely, Oliver’s Family: Drew, Kaitlin and Jax Graham Attached is a link to our FB Event: https://fb.me/e/1cVF3nGmO or it can be searched by 12th Annual Oliver Hudson Graham Memorial Cancer Sucks Cup.

Détails de l'événement:

December 23, 2021 | 10:00 am

75 Park Road
Trenton Minor Sports Community Centre
Trenton NS B0X 1X0

Day long hockey tournament

Historique des dons

Jonathan I donné 250 $

Jacob R donné 75 $

Chandler F donné 125 $

Andrew G donné 3 000 $

On behalf of all those who donated to this year's event. Tax credit for this donation will be rolled over into next year's cup. Thank you everyone!! Drew

Theresa W donné 100 $

Chris K donné 50 $

Carolyn M donné 75 $

Mackay E donné 100 $

Lance M donné 100 $

Brennan M donné 25 $

Chris M donné 500 $

Rented the ice in Guelph Ontario and had a little talk about Oliver, the tournament, and then played a little game. Players: Chris and Cameron MacDonald, Katie MacNaughton, Julian, Sam, and Morgan Volpe. Hope to do it again next year.

Anonyme donné 25 $

Allison L donné 50 $

Anonyme donné 75 $

Diane M donné 50 $

Drew, Kaitlin and Jax, your sweet little Oliver will forever be in our hearts. What an amazing family you are in your ongoing support of a cause that has touched so many lives. Love Diane Munro

Anonyme donné 50 $

Lee Ann D donné 50 $

Carol Miller & donné 100 $

Jennifer L donné 100 $

Linda M donné 50 $

Pat M donné 50 $

Rochelle H donné 20 $

Robert & Marilyn M donné 100 $

Jane C donné 100 $

Donna A donné 50 $

Krista A donné 100 $

Chantal B donné 50 $

Kelly M donné 50 $

Hoping this years campaign is a huge success despite the cancellation of the Tournament! Thinking if you all, Kelly, Robbie, Zachary& Aaron MacInnis

Lynn M donné 100 $

Jennifer S donné 100 $

Rhian J donné 25 $

Chris S donné 25 $

Robyn & Jeff B donné 100 $

14 novembre 2021
David W donné 150 $

5 novembre 2021
Diana M donné 25 $


4 novembre 2021
leslie h donné 25 $

Ensemble, nous avons amassé 6 020 $ pour atteindre notre objectif 5 000 $

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