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102 $ 500 $

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102 $ 500 $
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Je recueille 500 $ pour OMRM du Canada.

Fin : 5 mai 2019

When a child gets sick- it can be devastating on the whole family unit. Working in rural health we understand the extra challenges a family must face in a medical crisis. The whole family unit sometimes needs to be uprooted in order to support the child in need and The House provides a sanctuary in this time of need. That's why as an organization, Elevation Health stands behind the efforts to raise funds locally to support our friends, families and neighbors when they may need it the most. You will see our team running, volunteering and assisting in the recovery tent (yes...even providing massages) at the Start/Finish line.

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16 avril 2019
Linda P donné 27 $

9 avril 2019
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3 avril 2019
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