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Ensemble, nous amassons 500 $ pour OMRM du Canada.

Fin : 30 avril 2019

On February 14, our little boy Harvey decided he wanted to come into the world a month earlier then planned. We were air lifted from Bonnyville, Alberta to the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta. Harvey was born on February 16th, upon arriving into the world he was not able to breath on his own as his lungs were underdeveloped. He was then transported to the NICU. Harvey needed help breathing and needed procedures to get to the point where he could breath on his own as well as a feeding tube, IV medication and UV lights as he was quite jaundice. During our stay in the NICU we were put on the waiting list to stay at the Ronald McDonald house. We were not able to get in before we left but we did meet wonderful people who had been staying there for 100+ days and the support from the Ronald McDonald House they said was amazing. We know that had Harvey been staying there longer we would have wanted to stay there as well and think that it is such an important charity to have for the families who are going through such a difficult time. We hope that we can raise any amount of money to support this great charity! Thank you!

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