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Ensemble, nous amassons 500 $ pour OMRM du Canada.

Fin : 1 mai 2018

2nd Annual Run for Cameron campaign has begun! Throughout 2017 Cameron went through surgeries including major brain surgery to remove a tumour, 6 weeks of radiation treatments and as of right now he is currently on round 7 of 8 chemo treatments. Throughout this journey, Cameron has been our personal hero and has showed us what bravery really means. Without the Ronald McDonald house at the beginning of his treatments and throughout, Cameron’s parents and other family members would not have been able to cope with the worry and stresses. This house is more than just a place to relax, without the volunteers to help with making baked goods and ensuring comfort for all who use it, families who are going through some of the worst and darkest times would not have a safe place to go to. Please help and support this amazing cause. You never know when or if you will ever need these homes.

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16 avril 2018
Theresa G donné 50 $

11 avril 2018
Paige T donné 25 $

3 f�vrier 2018
Mandy Z donné 25 $

3 f�vrier 2018
Jane B donné 25 $

Ensemble, nous avons amassé 125 $ pour atteindre notre objectif 500 $

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