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75 $ 25 000 $
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Ensemble, nous amassons 25 000 $ pour OMRM du Canada.

Fin : 1 septembre 2024

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At CanadaFlowers.ca, our inspiration to raise funds and collaborate with RMHC Canada stems from a profound admiration for their unwavering dedication to families in need. Witnessing the transformative support they provide to families navigating the challenges of pediatric medical care has deeply moved us. The resilience and strength displayed by these families in the face of adversity align with our own values of compassion and making a positive impact. By partnering with RMHC Canada, we aim to contribute to their incredible efforts, extending a helping hand to ensure that families can find solace, comfort, and a supportive community during their difficult journeys. Together, we believe we can bring moments of respite and relief to families when they need it most.

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31 ao�t 2023
Anonyme donné 50 $

31 ao�t 2023
CanadaFlowers.ca Staff donné 25 $

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Ensemble, nous avons amassé 75 $ pour atteindre notre objectif 25 000 $

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