Objectif de la campagne

813 $ 500 $
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Ensemble, nous amassons 500 $ pour OMRM du sud-ouest de l'Ontario.

Ronald McDonald House is a home away from home for families with sick children who are being treated in hospital. The houses provide the comforts of home with lodging, meals, and support. Ronald McDonald House operates on donations alone and with funding through local McDonald restaurants. If each student gave a dollar we would double our goal.

Historique des dons

Steve M donné 168 $

Christine H donné 25 $

Kitchen and Bath Idea LTD donné 25 $

Ryan H donné 50 $

Eileen H donné 100 $

Larry K donné 25 $

Kelly A donné 25 $

Tanya C donné 50 $

Cleo C donné 25 $

Steve D donné 100 $

Greg T donné 50 $

Ronald McDonald House in Hamilton serves KW families who have children sent to McMaster hospital. Thanks to their dedicated staff and volunteers.

Andrea K donné 25 $

Tina J donné 50 $

Angie M donné 20 $

An amazing cause! Thank you Char!

Marlene C donné 25 $

Anonyme donné 50 $

Ensemble, nous avons amassé 813 $ pour atteindre notre objectif 500 $

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