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Je recueille 200 $ pour OMRM de Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador.

Fin : 1 octobre 2022

Our family has been affected by the Janeway. Kellan's oldest Brother was airlifted there and had life saving surgery as a newborn. His next Brother was born there as a premie. We also know of family members and friends who have had to use the Janeway for many different reasons. It is Newfoundland and Labrador's ONLY children's hospital, so, families have to travel all across our Province. While there, they need a place to stay. The Ronald McDonald House is a wonderful place for those families. But, things aren't free. Fundraisers, such as this one, help alleviate some of that financial burden for families, who are already dealing with enough stresses. So, we want to help raise funds to make that happen. We never know when it will be our turn, or, someone else we love. Together, let's make Kellan's goal a reality!

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2022 Red Shoe Crew-Walk for Families

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11 septembre 2022
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2022 Gander Red Shoe Crew Walk for Families
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2022 Irishtown Red Shoe Crew Walk for Famillies
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The King Family
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