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Ensemble, nous amassons 20 000 $ pour OMRM du Canada.

Fin : 12 novembre 2019

Martin Brower is a proud supporter of the RMHC Charity and wants to continue helping give families a place to stay close to the hospital where their child is being treated. Last year we hosted our first National RMHC Day and this year we will be doing the same on November 12th, 2019. We are looking forward to supporting the RMHC Charity in a big way by exceeding the $10,000 that was raised in 2018 through the support of all of the hardworking employees of Martin Brower Canada. Words from Kevin Svenkeson, President of MB Canada after the first National RMHC Day in 2018: “Thank you. Our first ever National RMHC Day was a great success due to all of the great people from coast to coast here at Martin Brower Canada! Money was raised for a great cause, volunteers supported meals at local houses and we Acted As One, again. Thank you.”

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