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275 $ 5 000 $
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Ensemble, nous amassons 5 000 $ pour Manoir Ronald McDonald de Toronto.

Fin : 22 septembre 2021

Hi, my name’s Lizzy and I’m raising funds on behalf of Angus McDonald’s for RMHC Toronto. In Canada, nearly 65% of all families live over 100kms away from a children’s hospital and must travel great distances to receive treatment for their sick child. Ronald McDonald Houses help provide a home away from home for those families and support them through difficult times. With only 16 Houses and 17 Family Rooms across Canada, roughly 10 families are turned away daily due to lack of space. Throughout the years, McDonald’s has continuously supported local charities, events, and many fundraisers. Now is the time, as a community, we join together and help raise funds for this amazing charity in the hope that every family will get the support they need. Your donation to RMHC will help keep families close to their sick child and provide them with a home away from home. With your donation, you will help keep families where they should be. Together.

Détails de l'événement:

September 22, 2021 | 05:00 am

231 Mill St
Angus ON L0M1B2

Historique des dons

22 septembre 2021
Denis D donné 100 $

18 ao�t 2021
Constance W donné 100 $

13 ao�t 2021
Logan T donné 25 $

13 ao�t 2021
Lizzy W donné 50 $

Ensemble, nous avons amassé 275 $ pour atteindre notre objectif 5 000 $

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