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520 $ 5 000 $
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Ensemble, nous amassons 5 000 $ pour Manoir Ronald McDonald du centre-sud de l’Ontario.

Fin : 22 septembre 2021

McHappy Day is back – September 22, 2021! McHappy Day is an incredible asset to our families in need of support across Canada. It is one of our favorite days of the year, and we love watching our communities come together to support each other. Each year McHappy day raises millions of dollars for RMHC and other local charities. It's always heartbreaking when a child gets sick and needs to be in a hospital, even more so when they need to be away from their families to do so. It is the goal of the RMHC to keep those families together during one of the hardest times they will have. As Team Sasktario we are excited to be fundraising for the Hamilton house and being able to give back to the communities that give so much to us each day. There are 3 very easy ways you can support us in our fundraising goals: 1. If you can, donate here to our fundraiser. Every little bit helps 2. Set up a fundraiser under our umbrella with your workplace, family or friends and help us achieve our fundraising goals. 3. Come on in to your local McDonald's on September 22nd. 10% of all sales on September 22 goes directly to the RMHC

Ensemble, nous avons amassé 520 $ pour atteindre notre objectif 5 000 $

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