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Ensemble, nous amassons 1 500 $ pour OMRM du sud-ouest de l'Ontario.

Fin : 23 septembre 2021

When families learn their child is sick and must be hospitalized, life as they know it changes overnight. Families embark on what is an often unexpected and difficult journey full of uncertainty, worry, fear and hope. 65% of Canadians live outside of a city with a children’s hospital. So, if their child gets sick, families must travel long distances for their child to receive medical treatment. Families are forced to leave their homes, family members, jobs and community support at a time when they need them the most, often causing significant emotional and financial stress. The RMHC facilities in London, Ontario are the closest to the communities in which Team Reid McDonald's serves. McDonald House London is a place where out-of-town families with seriously ill children can stay for as long as they need –only 165 steps from Children's Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre. By providing things like a private room and bath, homemade dinners, laundry facilities, and all the other comforts of home for just $12 a night, we are able to help bring a bit of "normal" to families with sick kids while lifting some of the financial burdens weighing on parents. Therefore, the money raised from our fundraiser will be going towards the Southwestern Ontario Ronald McDonald Houses. You can help keep more families together and close to their sick child in hospital by donating to our cause!

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14 septembre 2021
Ken R donné 100 $

13 septembre 2021
Marilyn V donné 400 $

13 septembre 2021
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13 septembre 2021
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13 septembre 2021
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13 septembre 2021
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13 septembre 2021
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Ensemble, nous avons amassé 1 155 $ pour atteindre notre objectif 1 500 $

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