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The Anderson Family, RMHC Toronto

RMHC and the Paediatric Healthcare Community

As a partner to Canada’s paediatric health care community, RMHC enables access to children’s health care across Canada - keeping families close® - close to each other, and close to the health care their sick child needs.

Through RMHC programs, we support the delivery of family-centred care, a critically important part of caring for, and supporting, seriously ill children. 

Family-centred care is rooted in the belief that optimal health outcomes are achieved when a sick child’s family members play an active role in their child’s care. RMHC supports the entire family by providing a place to sleep, enjoy home cooked meals, and receive the support of community. A well-cared for family is better able to participate in their child’s care and to make informed decisions about treatments.

RMHC works closely with paediatric health care partners in 23 cities across Canada to support families with sick children in providing emotional and social support:

  • More than 80 percent of hospital administrators believe their local Ronald McDonald House program enhances the quality of care provided by the hospital.1
  • Hospital administrators report that a Ronald McDonald House stay reduces feelings of isolation, helps parents cope with their child’s illness, provides much needed social support, improves sleep quality and quantity, and reduces stress.1

In addition to providing care, medical professionals are our partners who:

  • Actively engage as members of RMHC Canada Board of Directors, and Regional RMHC Chapter Board of Directors
  • Provide close proximity for Ronald McDonald House programs to be near the hospital, including the donation of land, and/or spaces directly within hospitals for Ronald McDonald Family Room programs
  • Volunteer their time and services through RMHC programs

In addition to partnering with children’s hospitals across Canada, RMHC is a supporter of the health and wellbeing of children and their families and is a proud partner to Children’s Healthcare Canada (CHC).


1Hospital Leadership Perspectives On The Contributions of Ronald McDonald Houses: Results from an International Survey. Lantz et at., 2015