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Learn about our 34 nationwide programs that support families with sick children

Across Canada, the 16 Ronald McDonald Houses and 18 Ronald McDonald Family Rooms give families a place to stay together while their child is being treated at a nearby hospital. A place where they can sleep, share meals, do laundry, be supported by other families, and receive the care that can help make their journey a little easier. The RMHC network of Canadian programs helps to keep more than 26,000 families close to their sick child, and the care they need each year.

16 Ronald McDonald Houses

Ronald McDonald Houses give families who don’t live near a children’s hospital, a warm and compassionate home to stay together while their child is being treated at a nearby hospital, just steps away - 

More than just accommodation for families with sick children, Ronald McDonald Houses provide families with:

  • Private family bedrooms,
  • Fully equipped kitchens
  • Laundry facilities
  • Playrooms 

Supportive, inclusive services such as:

  • Accredited education programs
  • Special suites for children with suppressed immune systems
  • Recreational activities
  • Non-clinical support services 
  • Sibling support services 

*Services vary house-to-house

Image of Ronald McDonald House
RMHC Alberta, Red Deer House

1 House in a Hospital

In 2016, the very first Ronald McDonald House inside a Hospital in Canada opened in Windsor, Ontario.  The house-within-a-hospital is a full Ronald McDonald House, but located right inside the hospital. It helps to provide relief to families going through very difficult times by providing all the comforts of home while taking care of the "little things", so that parents can spend more time caring for the most important thing, their sick child. 

RMHC House in a hospital image
RMHC Southwestern Ontario, Windsor House

18 Ronald McDonald Family Rooms

Ronald McDonald Family Rooms give families a calm, medical-free space within the hospital walls, just moments away from their sick child. Whether it’s to have a moment to themselves, make a cup of coffee, or do laundry, Family Rooms offer local and out-of-town families a calm and supportive place to rest.

Research shows that a family presence in the hospital makes it easier for parents to stay up to date on their child’s condition, communicate better with their medical team, and adhere to complicated treatment plans.

Ronald McDonald Family Rooms
RMHC South Central Ontario, Family Room

RMHC Hospitality Carts

The RMHC hospitality cart serves families throughout the inpatient and outpatient wards of the Hospital. Volunteers brings comfort to families by serving them various snacks, beverages, toiletry items, and toys and activities directly to child’s hospital room.