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Je recueille 3 000 $ pour Manoir de Toronto (OMRM de l’Ontario).

Fin : 1 janvier 2021

As we all know, this year has been very difficult for everyone around the world. It has been especially difficult for those with loved ones that are ill and unable to see their families this holiday season. For the families staying at the House during Christmas, this time of year provides a great amount of joy when opening their Christmas gifts, despite their suffering. Unfortunately, RMHC is unable to receive Christmas gift donations this year due to the risk of spreading Covid-19. As a way to continue to spread Christmas cheer for families that need it most, I have created this fundraising page to help raise donations. All donations will be put towards the RMHC Toronto COVID-19 Response fundraiser, which will provide the families with: - Virtual holiday programming three times a week - Individually packaged supplies for holiday arts & crafts - Homemade meals delivered directly to their door - Providing a safe place to stay close to their seriously ill child in the hospital. The goal I hope to achieve is $3,000 to help provide the families a safe place to stay with a home-cooked meal this Christmas season. Now more than ever, we must give to those who need our help the most. I greatly appreciate all donations. Thank you for your support and generosity.

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RMHC Toronto COVID-19 Response

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Téa N donné 100 $

On behalf of the Noon family.

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Azores Auto Group donné 200 $

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