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Je recueille 1 000 $ pour OMRM du Canada.

Fin : 30 octobre 2023

My motivation to stand behind RMHC's cause is deeply rooted in a personal story of resilience and compassion. The journey of a close friend who faced extraordinary challenges during the birth of her daughter has left an indelible mark on my heart. Her pregnancy was high-risk, and the arrival of her baby girl led to a prolonged stay in the NICU. To compound the hardship, the constraints of the pandemic separated her from her family back in their home country. In the midst of these trying times, RMHC emerged as an unwavering pillar of support. Their helping hand extended far beyond medical care; it embodied hope, solace, and strength. When days were uncertain and nights were filled with worry, RMHC stood by her side. The organization's presence was more than just practical assistance; it was a lifeline that helped her navigate the storm. Reflecting on this journey, I'm inspired to give back to RMHC. I believe that every contribution, every effort, and every ounce of support can collectively make a difference. The same way RMHC became a beacon of light for my friend, it continues to shine for countless others facing their own challenges. Will you join me in this endeavor? Together, we can transform lives, sow seeds of hope, and ensure that RMHC remains a haven of comfort for those who need it most. Let's rally behind RMHC's cause and make an impact that resonates far beyond our individual efforts.

Détails de l'événement:

September 18, 2023 | 08:30 am

25b East Pearce St,
Richmond Hill ON L4B2M9

The upcoming event at Cansel - Richmond Hill is poised to be a demonstration of unity and support for RMHC. It's more than just a gathering; it's a symbol of our collective commitment to making a difference in the lives of those who need it most. It brings together not only our valued clients but also the presence of Telus.

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