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Je recueille 800 $ pour OMRM du Canada.

Fin : 30 octobre 2023

Around the World in 80 Hours! Fundraising for the Ronald McDonald House of Charities. Our team will walk, bike, run, canoe, horseback, unicycle (or any other form of non-motorized transportation) to reach the goal as part of the Cansel Group of Companies fundraiser to cover enough mileage that would allow us to circle "Around the World in 80 Hours" We will begin September 17th at 9am and finish by 5pm on September 20th. Please help us raise money for a fantastic organization that helps and supports families during their most difficult times. Ronald McDonald House Charities® Alberta supports families seeking vital medical treatment for their seriously sick or injured child. Their warm, compassionate Houses provide a home-away-from-home for families who need to travel for medical reasons. When those families are experiencing one of life’s most difficult times, they offer them the gift of togetherness. Since the first Houses were built in Alberta in 1985, they have supported tens of thousands of families. Every year, thousands will stay at one of Alberta’s Ronald McDonald Houses. These stays can last up to a few nights, or as long as several weeks or months at a time. Almost 70% of Canadian families live outside of a community with a children’s hospital, meaning they will need to travel to access medical care. Ronald McDonald Houses save families millions of dollars each year on accommodation, transportation, meals, laundry, parking, and more. Having a Ronald McDonald House close to a hospital in Alberta is an important part of family-centered care.

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13 septembre 2023
Bailey F donné 25 $

11 septembre 2023
Anonyme donné 50 $

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Total Amassé 575 $
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Total Amassé 1 045 $
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amassé 2 617 $
Home Away from Home
amassé 200 $
JS for a good cause
amassé 85 $
juraj sisic
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La gang de Sherbrooke
amassé 100 $
Lewis Team
  • Team Oneka Right arrow
Total Amassé 12 640 $
One Step Ahead(Mark Dyck)
amassé 986 $
Run ON Cloud - Team Marcoux
amassé 1 293 $
Shackleton's Second Team
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Total Amassé 500 $
Team Beliveau
amassé 0 $
Team Cynthia G.
amassé 230 $
Team Dan Kugan - Around the World in 80 hours
  • Team Myha - Around the World in 80 hours Right arrow
Total Amassé 25 $
Team Handley
amassé 175 $
Team Hugo Trepanier
amassé 50 $
amassé 10 $
team IsaGraziani
amassé 50 $
Team Jay P - Around the World in 80 hours
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Total Amassé 225 $
Team Laflamme
amassé 600 $
Team Lynda - Around the World in 80 hours
  • Lynda Laramee Right arrow
Total Amassé 50 $
Team MaddiedAussie
amassé 500 $
Team Minhas
amassé 3 275 $
Team Morneau-Ricard
amassé 525 $
Team Phileas Fogg
amassé 4 022 $
Team Raquel
amassé 568 $
Team Spirit
amassé 0 $
Team Stephane C
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Vantage-Can Do It!
amassé 313 $