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Je recueille 100 $ pour OMRM de l’Alberta.

Fin : 31 mai 2022

Hello we're the Musiowsky's we lived in the Ronald McDonald House for 219 days. This was our home away from home, A place that brought comfort in one of the hardest times of our lives. We do believe if it was not for the Ronald McDonald house giving us a place to stay, our little one would not be where she is today. Taking away all the worry of where we would sleep and eat made it easier so we could concentrate all our love and support towards our daughter. Please donate to this amazing home that has helped so many families just like us.

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Team Alberta McHappy Day Hero 2022

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1 mai 2022
Gynelle G donné 25 $

This family is my family Alli is quite the little warrior princess. The day she was born her fight started! She beat all odds and now is a happy toddler who has touched many lives! I love this family unconditionally ❤️❤️ Sincerely Gynelle & family

29 avril 2022
Janice P donné 50 $

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