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Je recueille 500 $ pour OMRM de l’Alberta.

Fin : 31 mai 2022

McHappy Day and our Ronald McDonald House Stay. Tomorrow is McHappy Day, and we encourage all of our friends and family to help raise funds for the Ronald McDonald Houses across Canada. We have donated $100.00, to start our fundraiser and hope that our friends and family can help us hit our goal of $500.00. The Ronald McDonald House in Calgary has been the biggest blessing for Tyson and I. The past 6 weeks have caused an amount of stress that has been crushingly difficult to cope with. There is nothing more in this world that we wish for than for Macie to get better, and we would do anything to take this pain away from her and heal her. Tyson and I underestimated how badly we needed the Ronald McDonald House. The first two times our Family Service worker from the house offered it, along with the NICU Social Worker, we declined. After a few conversations we thankfully took a room at the house, and here we are 43 days later. The stress and helplessness of seeing your child sick is something we cannot explain. On top of that, we still have had to deal with our family and professional lives back home as well. Staying at the RMHC has allowed us to have a safe space outside of the hospital, and to still be minutes away from Macie. It has provided us a comfortable room, a warm meal every night that we return from the hospital completely drained, caring and compassionate staff, laundry facilities, all while allowing us to carry no financial burden of a hotel, groceries, parking and everything else that would associate with a hospital stay. We never thought we would have to utilize a service like this, we never thought we would have a sick baby, this is the furthest thing from a reality we seen for ourselves. Please help by fighting along with Macie and paying it back to somewhere that has given Tyson and I so much comfort and love during such a difficult time. #teammacie

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15 mai 2022
Janna T donné 100 $

So much love to you all

11 mai 2022
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10 mai 2022
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10 mai 2022
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10 mai 2022
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10 mai 2022
Brandy F donné 100 $

We are so proud of our fighter, and so thankful for the house we’ve called home for 43 days. #teammacie

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