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Je collecte des fonds pour Manoir de St-John’s (OMRM de Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador).

Fin : 15 octobre 2023

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Devon Crane is an incredibly special young man to so many people. He was recently described as "if Happiness were a person :)". In June, Devon was in a terrible accident that he miraculously survived but resulted in a TBI and a long, challenging road to recovery. From the very beginning of his recovery journey Devon has faced every obstacle with his contagious positivity and beautiful smile. During this time, he and his family have spent time at RMHNL, and now say "our Ronald McDonald House family" when referring to the people they have met there. When asked if they would share their Ronald McDonald House story to support the ongoing work of the house through the Red Shoe Crew - Walk for Families, the Crane family immediately said yes. And Devon's Entourage was born :) The outpouring of love and support for Devon during this time is a reflection of the amazing young man that he is. His willingness to participate in this walk for families is a testament to that. This team is an opportunity for us all to participate, with Devon, in Making our Steps Count for Families.

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2023 Red Shoe Crew-Walk for Families

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21 septembre 2023
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12 septembre 2023
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12 septembre 2023
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12 septembre 2023
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Total Amassé 375 $
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amassé 1 772 $
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amassé 75 $
Devon's Entourage
amassé 645 $
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amassé 25 $
Meena's Menagerie
amassé 130 $
Ralph Wells 2023 Red Shoe Walk For Ronald McDonald House in St. Johns, NL
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Total Amassé 325 $
Red Shoe Walk Fundraiser
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