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Je recueille 500 $ pour Manoir Ronald McDonald de Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador.

Fin : 17 septembre 2023

After having my twins born nearly two months early in June 6th 2023, my small babies were airlifted to the Janeway. During this time I couldn’t help but fear the financial strain this long stay would have on our lives but we were so fortunate to be able to stay at RMHC for nearly a month while our babies grew strong enough to come home. My four year old daughter stayed with me as well and RMHC was the perfect place for a family, my daughter didn’t want to leave because she felt so at home while waiting for her siblings to grow. While at the house, we met some wonderful families who are fighting tougher battles of their own and I made a silent pledge to myself to make a difference when I left in July. I want to help make lives easier for the families who stay there while their children are either growing, recovering from chemotherapy or awaiting a surgery. Regardless of the situation, I want to give back to the place that gave so much to me.

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2023 Red Shoe Crew-Walk for Families

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2023 Irishtown Red Shoe Crew Walk for Families
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Adalynn & Ella Burton
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Desiree King
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Devon's Entourage
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Logan's Fundraiser
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Meena's Menagerie
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Ralph Wells 2023 Red Shoe Walk For Ronald McDonald House in St. Johns, NL
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Red Shoe Walk Fundraiser
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Rock Family 2023
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Walk with Hydro
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