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12 054 $ 250 000 $

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50 $ 100 $
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Je recueille 100 $ pour Manoir Ronald McDonald de Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador.

Fin : 30 septembre 2021

As many of you know Emma was very sick in January of 2020. Diagnosed with Kawasaki. We were admitted to the Janeway Children’s Hospital and prepared to stay one night, one night turned into two weeks. Lucky for us the Ronald MacDonald house welcomed us. Since we were unsure if we were being admitted or going home we packed for one night “incase”. Being told that your stay is “undetermined” was very hard, knowing we were an hour from our home. Because Emma was so sick going home and getting extra supplies was not a option. We relied fully on the Ronald MacDonald house - food, a bed, washer / dryer, parking and most importantly comfort of knowing we were taken care of and we had a place to unwind and sleep. Not only did the Ronald MacDonald house help us, the personal interaction with people that became friends and then family was second to none. Everyone had a story, but everyone listened to each other’s story. Everyone talked to each other and helped each other. The house runs on donations and volunteers. Nevertheless, Upon arrival each child received a homemade quilt of their choice and upon leaving each child is taken to the toy room to pick out a new toy from the room. They have everything you need and if they do not have it they will sure help you get it. Chad, Emma and I will walk on September 26th (time and location to be announced) in aid of the Ronald MacDonald house. Your donations will go directly to Ronald MacDonald to help families, families like us because sickness waits for no one!!!!

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2021 Red Shoe Crew-Walk for Families

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26 septembre 2021
Sheila M donné 10 $

26 septembre 2021
Gilbert M donné 10 $

26 septembre 2021
Earles Tae Kwon Do donné 10 $

21 septembre 2021
Michelle N donné 20 $

Emma you have a heart of gold good luck with your fundraising xo

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Emma Lynch Project
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Family Services Team
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For Natalia
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Higdon Red Crew Shoe Walk
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Hynes’ Stroll for Noel
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Leona ❤️
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Martin Family
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Miles for Micheal
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Raynas Journey
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Red Shoe Crew
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Rotaract St. John's
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Sarah Dumaresque Marsh
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Skinner Family
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Stanley & The Bee Brigade
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Team Howell
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Walk For Elijah
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