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12 054 $ 250 000 $

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450 $ 250 $
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Je recueille 250 $ pour Manoir Ronald McDonald de Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador.

Fin : 30 septembre 2021

In 2008 our young family had our first amazing experience with Ronald McDonald House in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The house became our home away from home while we waited for our teeny-tiny premie girl to grow big enough for us to take her home. Homemade meals provided by volunteers shared around the table with other families who shared our experience provided so much comfort during a very difficult time. To this day we remember the incredible experience. Many of our friends and family have availed of the services of our house here in Newfoundland and Labrador, and most recently in Edmonton, Alberta. Their love and appreciation for Ronald McDonald House matches our own. That is why we LOVE Ronald McDonald House and are walking again this year to make our steps count for families :)

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2021 Red Shoe Crew-Walk for Families

Historique des dons

25 septembre 2021
John P donné 50 $

25 septembre 2021
Stan H donné 25 $

Donating in honour of my five grandchildren and in memory of nephews Ben and Finley and niece Terri Lee.

25 septembre 2021
Deborah H donné 25 $

25 septembre 2021
Michael T donné 100 $

25 septembre 2021
Higdon Enterprises donné 200 $

25 septembre 2021
Olivia H donné 25 $

I love walking in the Red Shoe Crew Walk with my family. This year I am walking in memory of my cousin Finley and for my friend Olivia. Sick kids need their families close by and Ronald McDonald House makes that possible.

25 septembre 2021
Georgia H donné 25 $

It's Georgia :) My mom and dad stayed at Ronald McDonald House when I was born. I love to visit the house during Christmas and for other special events. I am walking this year in memory of my cousin Finley and in support of my friend Olivia Parson.

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Emma Lynch Project
amassé 50 $
Family Services Team
  • Jennifer Fleming Right arrow
  • Sarah Mallay Right arrow
  • Lisa St. Croix Right arrow
  • Jenelle Lambert Right arrow
  • Rachel Vey Right arrow
  • Abbey French Right arrow
Total Amassé 1 165 $
For Natalia
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Higdon Red Crew Shoe Walk
amassé 450 $
Hynes’ Stroll for Noel
amassé 550 $
Leona ❤️
amassé 0 $
Martin Family
amassé 150 $
Miles for Micheal
amassé 2 910 $
Raynas Journey
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Red Shoe Crew
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Rotaract St. John's
  • Rebecca Martin Right arrow
  • Elea Stephenson Right arrow
  • Carly Stevenson Right arrow
Total Amassé 600 $
Sarah Dumaresque Marsh
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Skinner Family
amassé 400 $
Stanley & The Bee Brigade
amassé 140 $
Team Howell
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  • Mark Waldron Right arrow
  • Sheldon Jeddore Right arrow
Total Amassé 75 $
Walk For Elijah
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