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Je collecte des fonds pour OMRM du sud-ouest de l'Ontario.

Fin : 31 mai 2023

Our story begins in April 2022, the day our sweet baby girl Emersyn was born. After a fairly normal pregnancy, Emersyn arrived via ceasarean section. While in the NICU to receive some routine monitoring, it was discovered that she had some major complications that our local hospital was not prepared for. Within hours of birth, we found ourselves being airlifted with Emersyn to London Health Sciences Centre in London, Ontario, 10 hours away from our home and support system. This is where Emersyn had her first surgery, at only 36 hours old. RMHC-SWO has changed our lives. Knowing we have a place to rest our heads at night while our child receives the medical care she needs and only being steps away from her, relieves so much stress! When leaving behind our family and support system, we know we have RMH London to treat us like family. “From the bottom of our hearts, we sincerely thank you! Being steps away from our critically ill child, while not having to worry about where we will stay or what we are having for dinner, has changed our lives. Without donations like yours, this would not be possible! Your contributions have made it possible for our family and many others like ours to stay close to their sick children, without having to worry about the financial burden of being hours away from home.”

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McHappy Day 2023 - Keeping Families Close

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24 mai 2023
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Sweet precious Emmy ❤️

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Love Auntie Georgie and Uncle George.

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