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Fin : 31 mai 2023

Today, Bentley is a very happy 6-year-old boy with big dreams of becoming a fireman– you would never know he was once a tiny bundle of joy weighing just 3lbs 7oz. After an emergency c-section, his mom needed time to recover but also wanted to be close enough to help her son grow strong. Thankfully, this was when RMH Windsor opened its doors for the first time and the Wilsons became the first family to call our House-Within-A-Hospital their “home away from home”. “As a new mom, it was a relief to know I would have a place to call home while my son was being cared for in the NICU. I remember feeling so taken care of thanks to the wonderful volunteers and staff who were eager and ready to help whenever needed.” It took Bentley 22 nights before he was able to go home. The thought of taking care of a 5lb baby without the hospital or RMH Windsor’s support was scary at first – it made it clearer than ever that they would miss the RMH family they never knew they had. It was a nice feeling to know they were going home with a new baby and new friendships that brought comfort during an uneasy time. Since being back home, Bentley has taken on the important role of big brother and spends his time doing what most young boys like to do – video games and Pokémon! He may not have any memory of being at RMH Windsor, but he knows he’s McFamous when he sees one of his RMHC Southwestern Ontario McHappy Day posters hanging in different McDonald’s restaurants throughout the Windsor-Essex region!

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McHappy Day 2023 - Keeping Families Close