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Je recueille 2 500 $ pour OMRM du sud-ouest de l'Ontario.

Fin : 31 mai 2022

For 15 years, Heather has been a McDonald’s superhero taking care of the Windsor Essex customers and families visiting the restaurant. It was just over 5 years ago, that she became a grandmother and an RMHC family! When her granddaughter Madeline was born at just 24 weeks weighing 1 lb 9 oz she needed the support of the NICU to grow and gain strength. Thankfully, RMHC was there to keep Madeline swaddled in love with her family close by. The first year of Madeline’s life was difficult. There were many ups and downs, and uncertainty about what the future would bring. Heather’s entire world was in the care of RMHC – not only her daughter but her new granddaughter as well. For over 4 months, RMHC was a “home away from home” making it possible for Madeline to receive the kangaroo care and parent attention known to help preemies thrive. A place where they could connect over a hot dinner, benefit from a good night’s sleep and be just steps away from Madeline made all the difference in getting her home safe and healthy. Today, Madeline is a happy and healthy 5-year-old big sister. Her giggles are contagious and her joy infectious. She reminds us all that sometimes the greatest gifts come in the smallest packages!

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McHappy Day 2022 – Stronger Together

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